Managing your Pre-Paid Support Account

If you have our Pre-Paid Technical Support On-Demand Services, you’ll be able to view details of your usage online. The online service shows you the most recent 40 events that you’ve logged with us, and how they’ve been charged. If you’ve had any time credited (both paid and bonus hours) this will be shown here too. On the right hand side you’ll see a summary of the time remaining (or time used in excess of your allowance).

You may not find all of your current/recent issues appearing on this log, or you may see incidents listed that are either non-chargeable (but currently show a charge against your account) or are offered to you at no cost yet still charged.

In some cases the requestor may be listed as "NC" - this indicates that an issue is "Not Cleared" or "Not Completed" - and is often the case on longer incidents or where the works will ultimately be part of another project and not taken from your Pre-Paid Account.

The information provided on the Customer Portal is designed as a guide to assist you in understanding how you use support resources, but is not designed to be used as a tool to analyse usage for statistical or trend analysis purposes.

The information showing on the Customer Portal will always be the same as the information shown to our Support Staff.

If you wish to query your Pre-Paid usage or want to discuss any aspect of the service please contact our Customer Services in the first instance.