Viewing all of the Companies and Organisations you manage

When you first register on our Customer Portal, we’ll link your account to those companies and Organisations you have access to manage – based on the permission and Third Party Rights you have. If you can’t see one of the companies you think you should be able to manage, you should contact Customer Services who can look into this for you. Please be aware though that we cannot give you access to an account which you haven’t been granted permissions unless the normal “Third Party Authorisation” process has been followed. Customer Services can assist with this.

If you only manage one organisation, when you log into the portal, you’ll automatically be logged into that entity. However, if you manage multiple accounts, once you’ve entered your login information we’ll ask you which account you wish to manage.

If you previously have had access to a company or organisation and find it is no longer available to you, the chances are that you have been removed from that organisation by someone with “Revoke Users” rights. If you’re sure you should still be able to see an organisation, contact Customer Services who can help with this.