Logging into the Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal is designed to easily handle the needs of both small and larger customers, even if you manage multiple accounts on behalf of others with us, and you’ll only need one login per person no matter how many accounts you manage.

The first time you ever want to use our Customer Portal, you will need to register an account. You only do this once, so if you work with us with multiple end user customers, or you manage more than one company, you still only register once – we just add the extra companies to your personal account.

Every individual you want to have any form of access to the portal must have a distinct account – you shouldn’t share your details with anyone else - and if you do you’d be liable for the actions of others (and if you have multiple accounts would give them access to other accounts too).

Once you’ve applied for registration, we’ll review the application and then link it to those companies and organisations you have access to for you.

To register for access to the Customer Portal, click here.