Reviewing currently open invoices

If you are an authorised “Billing/Finance Contact” for an entity you manage, you will have an open to review any invoices for that account that are currently open. An open invoice is one where we’ve issued it, but you’ve not yet paid it (or where you have, we’ve not yet received cleared payment).

To view the invoices that are outstanding click on the link 'View my Outstanding Invoices' from the home page of the portal once you’re logged in. You can choose to pay an invoice (or multiple invoices) by choosing the 'View my Outstanding Invoices'

You can request that the invoice is resent by clicking on the 'View my Outstanding Invoices' option and we’ll resend you a copy of that invoice by e-mail.

If you haven’t got any outstanding invoices then nothing will be listed. At present you cannot view historical invoices and credit notes, although we are looking to add this functionality in the future.